being a timely bride

Be a Timely Bride

June 21, 2016

Your wedding guests will begin arriving as early as a half hour or more before the designated time for your nuptials.  Out of courtesy, do your best to begin your wedding ceremony as close as possible to the time listed on your invitations. If you pop a seam in your wedding gown, it’s a legitimate reason to be late (we suggest you try on your dress the day before) but poor planning is not.

Some guests might arrive late, but shame on them.  With practically everyone having access to a GPS or Google maps, there really is no excuse for guests being late. You certainly don’t need to hold up your wedding for late arriving guests.

Whether you are doing your hair and make-up at a salon or the wedding venue, be sure to confirm the need for you and your bridal party’s work be done on time. If you have a large number of bridesmaids, then you may want to book extra help to insure that everything is done in the designated timeframe or before.

Discuss and plan with your photographer a timeline you want to follow. From before the ceremony in the dressing room to post ceremony formal poses.  If you’re getting married on a golf course, a walkthrough with your photographer of the grounds and event venue the week before will help establish where the best shots can be taken so it doesn’t slow down the process on the day of, especially if it’s the first time they’re shooting a wedding at that location.

Have more time for special dances and visiting with your guests. It is your special day but you are also the hosts.  A well timed wedding will help ensure everything runs smoothly, creating a wonderful wedding enjoyed and remembered by all.

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