Best Ways to Spend Your Wedding Budget

Best Ways to Spend Your Wedding Budget

September 6, 2017

When you’re getting married, there’s so much that goes into planning, and so many things to spend money on. There’s the cake, the music, the dress, the flowers. Where are you supposed to put your budget? There are some aspects of your wedding that are worth splurging on, and some that you’re better off saving your money on.

Where to spend your money:

  • The food: You’re definitely going to want to make sure the food is delicious and something that your guests will be raving about. You don’t need to spring for the surf and turf. There are plenty of other yummy options that will fit your budget. Just remember: don’t skimp on the food, because your guests will definitely remember how amazing or awful it was. Everyone appreciates a good meal!
  • The dress: Since you will only be in your dress for a few hours, you don’t necessarily want to break the bank on it. However, you still want to feel and look beautiful on your wedding day, so don’t settle for something you don’t like just because it’s cheap. It is your wedding day! You don’t have to match Princess Kate and spend yours or your parents’ life savings on it, but make sure you get something you love. You want to feel special on your wedding day!
  • The music: Whether you’re a band person or want a DJ, you’re going to want good music for you and your guests to dance to! Make sure you do your research, and ask around to people to see who is most highly recommended. If you’ve seen a band play at a wedding or event that you loved, or a DJ who played all the right songs, ask for their contact information. Having the right entertainment is the key to any good party!
  • The photographer: Your wedding day is going to fly by, and be over before you know it. So, you want to have amazing photos to look back on. If a photographer is super cheap, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a great deal; you might just end up with sub-par photos. A good photographer is worth the money they will capture the moments you will want to relive forever!

Where to save your money:

  • The invitations: When it comes to your wedding invitations, you want them to look nice. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on them. Invitations don’t need to be extremely fancy, and can still look amazing without spending too much money. There are a lot of great, and cheap, options out there. Try looking at cheaper wedding invitations online to see what fits your style and budget!
  • The open bar: It’s understandable to want your guests to enjoy themselves, and not have to bring cash in order to have a drink at your wedding. With that being said, a full open bar is extremely expensive, and not entirely necessary. If an open bar is important to you, it doesn’t need to be a full open bar. You can save a lot of money by just doing beer and wine, or by not choosing top shelf liquor to be included. Your guests will be fine without the finest wine and whiskey money can buy for one night.
  • The favors: While everyone loves a good party favor, this is an easy thing to save money on. Some of your guests will probably leave their favor at the wedding venue, or not even use what you got. You can make DIY wedding favors that guests will still love, but that won’t cost you too much money. Bonus points if it’s something they can eat!
  • The flowers: Your flowers are an important part of your wedding day, no doubt. They’ll be at all your tables, and they’ll be in photos. If you love flowers, don’t skip out on them, or get something you hate. But don’t waste your money on flowers that cost $5,000 either. Spend your money elsewhere. Make sure you pick flowers that are in season, and don’t go overboard. By the time you get to the reception, your flowers could have started to droop already! If you ask someone months later what your flowers looked like, without seeing pictures, they likely wouldn’t even be able to tell you.

Your wedding is going to be amazing, and you want to do what you can to make it the best day of your life! While you don’t want to be in debt for the rest of your life just for one day, there are important things on your wedding day that you just won’t be able to compromise on. If your dream wedding seems too far out of reach, a low-interest personal loan may be the right option for you.

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