Outdoor and Beach Weddings

Outdoor and Beach Wedding Ceremonies

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December 7, 2022

More and more couples want and are enjoying outdoor wedding ceremonies.

They can be so very pretty and romantic. But what should you know. How should you set it up and can be any last-minute changes to be ready for and on the lookout for.

First many waterfront locations have restrictions. You can find out what they are in your local jurisdiction. And some have different restrictions at different times of year.

So, let us think of the number of guests, time of year, time of day and the surrounding elements.

It is a nice sunny hot summer Saturday and it is your wedding day. You may want an earlier ceremony time before your surroundings get crowed. They can make for noise and people walking behind the couple as the photographer is trying to capture the two of you.

What if it rains? Many locations for waterfront smaller set up can be on hold for an hour or so, earlier, or later. It is important to let your guest know this potential time change. This last minute change is much easier for smaller intimate ceremonies.

Some ceremony items can also be taken to the reception site such as the flowers and chairs. Can you use the arch again? Maybe there is an entrance area or where the couples table is located that the arch can be part of the décor.

The wedding parties. Many couples decide they only want themselves. Maybe the best man and maid of honor. Some also want their children with them. Bottom line is that it is whatever you want. As big or as intimate as you want it to be

How do you do all this. Simple, get a planner that specializes in outdoor, water front ceremonies. They have delt with every possibility situation. They can also get the appropriate license for each location. Some locations may allow you to get married outdoors but not have a reception outdoors in the same vicinity. You may need transportation for all to the reception location. Every location has its own rules requirements and regulations. Don’t worry an experienced outdoor ceremony planner can handle it all.

What if your outdoor ceremony is on a farm, or backyard or a park? Many of these same restrictions may apply. These are some of the questions you can ask your planner.

Do not let any of these obstacles stop you from an outdoor ceremony. They are what you always wanted and it is your big day so do what you always dreamed your ceremony to be. it can be done and your guest will enjoy it and remember always. It’s a new experience for many of your guest. But for you it is a dream come true.