Celebrating Love in the Days of Social Distancing

Celebrating Love in the Days of Social Distancing


In the days of COVID-19, we struggle to come up with ways to continue our daily lives and celebrate some of life's great moments.

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Jewelry Trends You Should Know This Wedding Season

Jewelry Trends You Should Know This Wedding Season


From dainty bracelets to bold earrings, styles change, and change again, creating a wondrous world of playfulness, artistry, innovation and expression.

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Not Your Mother's Wedding Ring

Not Your Mother’s Wedding Ring!


It’s nearly inconceivable to imagine an engagement without a ring or picking a ring that the fiancée-to-be doesn’t love with all her heart.

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Bridal Jewelry Trends for 2019


Jewelry brings all the pieces together into a seamless, beautiful look that will be captured for a lifetime in photographs.

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Top Jewelry Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2018

Top Jewelry Trends for 2018


Trend: Men’s Engagement Rings The uptick in men’s engagement rings is likely due to the legalization of same sex marriage, as well as millennials embracing the notion that engagement rings for couples symbolize partnership and equality. Trend: Rose gold continues to shine (and yellow gold is starting to make a comeback!) With its vintage appeal...

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square engagement band

Engagement Ring Do’s and Dont’s


So you’re ready to buy an engagement ring. Congratulations! We understand this is a big purchase, which is why we want to help you feel as prepared as possible before deciding on a ring. Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind while ring shopping, and you’ll be A-OK: Do conduct research beforehand. It’s important to...

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Pre-Owned Engagement Rings Aren’t Out of the Question Anymore


Every little girl dreams of the perfect wedding, the perfect engagement and of course her perfect engagement ring. Whether it’s a beautiful diamond atop a rose gold band or a diamond encrusted platinum band with a simple stone in the middle, every girl can achieve her dream. New designs and styles are available now more...

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Beauty basics

Different Types of Wedding Ring Engravings


For centuries, couples have inscribed personal mottoes and poetry inside their engagement rings and wedding bands. An inscribed message inside a wedding band can serve as both a private shared sentiment and as a poignant reminder that each can look at for the rest of their lives. If you’re considering a wedding band inscription, there...

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Bride and groom rings

Circle of Love: the Basics of Rings


It’s amazing, the power of a piece of jewelry to convey so much meaning… Engagement rings and wedding bands represent the never-ending love you have for each other, and let the whole world know you are married! Besides the exquisite beauty of wedding rings, there is a lot to know about metals, diamonds, and the...

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